Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The operation of Div 7A rules – download four free case studies

Download a copy of four free case studies [PDF] taken from the Division 7a Handbook 2012-13 that illustrate several aspects of the operation of the Div 7A rules and possible implications.

The four case studies from the handbook cover:

  • loan and payment by company
  • payment to trust
  • unpaid present entitlement, and
  • use of company assets.

In addition, the handbook also covers the following case studies:

  • distributable surplus
  • unpaid present entitlement and the operation of TR 2010/3 and PS LA 2010/4, and
  • unpaid present entitlement created after end of income year.

Download the case studies [PDF], and purchase your copy of the Division 7A Handbook 2012-13 from our website today.

Division 7A Handbook
Division 7A Handbook
John Gaal of TaxCounsel is the author of our Division 7A Handbook 2012-13.

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