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Inherited client problems: new clients, old problems… The 49th Western Australia State Convention

Often when taking on new clients, tax practitioners get lumped with a large inheritance. A large inheritance of old problems, that is. New clients, old problems seems to be an everyday experience for tax practitioners. Same same but different, right?

“Often a previous adviser may have unintentionally or otherwise acted in a manner that leaves issues which need to be addressed and often require realignment,” says Ken Schurgott, CTA (Life) of Brown Wright Stein Lawyers.

That ‘realignment’ or adjustment can range from a relatively innocuous self-amendment to a full-blown disclosure to the ATO and a consideration of significant penalties. Ken will be passing on his considerable experience in ‘Solving Inherited Client Problems’ at The Tax Institute’s 49th Western Australian State Convention on 11-12 August 2016. Ken will provide practical insights and options to manage these situations. “I’ll also be discussing what an adviser’s obligation is when a client presents with these issues,” Ken c…

The opportunities for a common charity definition: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

For the first time, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) have been invited to present at The Tax Institute’s States’ Taxation Conference, taking place in Darwin in July 2016.
David Locke, Assistant Commissioner, Charity Services at the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission spoke to us about why the time was right for the ACNC to speak directly to practitioners on charity related taxation issues.
David said ‘The ACNC works closely with the State and Territory Offices of State Revenue but have not previously engaged with The Tax Institute to a significant extent. My presentation, with Nicole Rowa, also of the ACNC, is an important next step in the ACNC’s relationship with the Offices of State Revenue. These relationships have helped us to understand the differences in the legislation and regulations that impact on the taxation concessions available to charities’.

‘The ACNC is presenting on the opportunities for a common charity definition. The def…

‘The Nature of a State Tax Appeal’ - David Marks, QC, CTA at 2016's States’ Taxation Conference

The States’ Taxation Conference remains the only national conference covering all State and Territory taxes in one technical program. We spoke to David Marks, QC, CTA, a commercial silk, specialising in tax who will present the session ‘The Nature of a State Tax Appeal’ on day two of the conference, to be held in Darwin in July.
David tells us that his session will help practitioners ‘understand which way to go when setting up an appeal, and how different types of matters need to be set up for appeal differently’. His session will look at the differences in the nature of an appeal from a tribunal, to an appeal panel of the tribunal, from a tribunal, to a court and from a court, to a superior court.
David’s session will look at how the basis of appeal may be discerned from the legislation, the difference between the court substituting its own decision, and the court giving directions to the decision maker, as well as providing guidance to the likely participants in these sorts of appeals…

49th Western Australia State Convention

Move over Masterchef, there’s a new and more pertinent Masterclass in town.

An exciting addition to an already stellar line-up at the 49th Western Australia State Convention is the M&A taxation masterclass-style session on day one. With more and more companies looking to consolidate to rationalise operations, the main elements of Australia’s M&A-focussed tax code will continue to cause concern for tax advisers and their clients. The appetite for knowledge in this space continues to grow alongside the level of M&A activity in Western Australia, despite whispers that the economy is set for a downturn.

Read on to discover what’s on the menu for M&A at the convention, along with the rest of the program, designed to suit every appetite.

The bread and butter of it all…

As 2 July draws closer, many practitioners – and members of the public – are asking themselves what Australia’s GST and superannuation system will look like post-Federal Election. As with all areas of tax, these…

Australian Taxation Office Round Table - Free Video

Senior Australian Taxation Office representatives Andrew Mills, CTA (Life) and Kristen Fish, CTA, were invited to communicate directly with tax professionals in a discussion-based format at The Tax Institute's 2016 National Convention, held in Melbourne in March.

A series of questions and answers covering an array of current technical issues of importance to tax professionals were asked of Andrew and Kristen, with Gordon Cooper, AM, CTA (Life) of Cooper & Co. and Cameron Rider, FTI of PwC joining the round table.

The video recording of this one hour session is available to view free by clicking the image below.

This video is one of nine in our 2016 National Convention Video Package. This specially priced bundle also features:SMSF Real Property Investments - Presented by Speaker: Stuart Forsyth, CTA, McPherson Super ConsultingCGT Small Business Concessions - Selected Practical Issues - Presented by Rob Warnock, CTA, Bernie O’Sullivan LawyersCGT Rollover – An SME’s Perspective - Pr…

Tax issues in a global economy - 2016's Queensland Tax Forum

Economies at a state level in Queensland, nationally and globally are in transition. Practitioners have seen huge shifts in the way their clients do business, and many are asking themselves ‘how do I get ahead of the game?’
Over two days at the 2016 Queensland Tax Forumclose to 40 expert speakers will attempt to answer that question, looking at the latest issues affecting both SMEs and corporates.
Here we take a look at two sessions covering some common and not-so-common issues that can arise when clients are operating globally. We spoke to two members of the Forum's Organising Committee, Katherine Patel of HLB Mann Judd and LetitiaWeatherhead, ATI, of DKM Group about what to expect from the sessions from Greg Travers, CTA, William Buck on ‘Business Tax Considerations in a Global Economy’ as well as Hayley Lock of KPMG and Melissa Rowbottom of Hatch, who outline what to expect in ‘Expatriates and International Assignees – A Tax Guide For An Employer’s First Time’. Business Tax Consid…