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Tax Governance for Corporations - The VIC 4th Annual Tax Forum

Robert Gallo is a Partner at PwC, where he helps tax functions transform their operations through the use of strategy, risk management and technology solutions. Here we speak to him about his session at the VIC 4th Annual Tax Forum.
Robert has more than 15 years’ experience in advising clients on optimising their tax reporting and compliance processes as well as transforming their tax functions to best balance their use of strategy, people, processes and technology. His experience expands across tax functions in various geographies and industries including banking and finance, retail, manufacturing, energy and mining. This experience includes tax function design and assessment, application of tax corporate governance and risk management frameworks, process improvement, tax software implementation combined with tax project assurance.

In his session at the VIC 4th Annual Tax Forum, Robert will take part in a panel discussion with Jeff Stevenson (Australian Taxation Office) and Stuart Cam…

Superannuation with an international flavour - Marsha–Laine Dungog JD, LLM, and Roy Berg JD, LLM

On day two of the 2016 National Superannuation Conference we are joined by two US based practitioners for the session ‘US Tax Issues Affecting Australian Superannuation Fund Members with a US Connection’, Marsha–Laine F Dungog JD, LLM, and Roy Berg JD, LLM. We spoke to them about what to expect from their session.
An international tax lawyer admitted to practice in California, Michigan, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the US Tax Court and the U.S. Supreme Court, Marsha–Laine Dungog JD, LLM, is a senior US tax lawyer at Moodys Gartner Tax Law LLP. Marsha specialises in crossborder tax planning and tax compliance services for high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. She has over 15 years of experience providing international tax consulting

Roy Berg JD, LLM, is an international tax lawyer and admitted to practice in Canada and the U.S. and Director, US Tax Law, and Barrister and Solicitor of Moodys Gartner Tax Law LLP. Roy has more than 23 years of experience in cross-border tax m…

Meet the presenters: 2016 National GST Intensive

For a somewhat simple tax, GST continues to surprise many practitioners with its increasing complexity. The program of this year’s National GST Intensive recognises this complexity, and covers emerging and topical areas as well as looking at some of the basic building blocks of GST that continue to be controversial.
We spoke with two of the presenters from this year’s Intensive, which takes place 8–9 September 2016 at Four Points Darling Harbour, in Sydney.
David W Marks QC, CTA, of Inns of Court Chambers, Brisbane, is a commercial silk specialising in taxation. He co-presents ‘Correcting Mistakes Ratification’, along with Michael Patane, CTA, a consultant with more than 25 years’ experience, and Alex Affleck, Director of Technical Leadership within the Superannuation Business Line of the ATO.
David tells us his session is designed to help “people to feel more comfortable when asked about something that sounds very technical”. “I’m talking about something that we are expected to now, but…

Emerging Issues in Superannuation: The 2016 National Superannuation Conference

Brad Ivens is an Executive Director at Ernst & Young. Working with clients ranging from some of Australia’s largest industry and employer sponsored funds, through to public sector and self-managed funds, he has over 18 years’ experience in providing tax compliance and advisory services for the superannuation industry.

We spoke to Brad about the session he’ll be presenting at the 2016 National Superannuation Conference with Phil Witherow, CTA, from Cbus, “Emerging Issues in Superannuation”.

Asked what attendees can expect to learn from their session, Brad replied “We are covering the new Attribution Managed Investment Trust rules, looking at how the global Base Erosion and Profit Shifting phenomenon is impacting large super funds, providing updates as to where the ATO are at with Tax Risk Management, Foreign Income Tax Offsets, and the re-write of Taxation Ruling 93/17. We'll also be discussing some key of the key superannuation reforms coming out of the recent Budget and elect…

2016 National GST Intensive

For a somewhat ‘simple’ tax, GST continues to surprise many practitioners with its increasing complexity. Now in its 16th year, GST has grown up – and perhaps grown out – of its initial mandate to provide states with a stable source of revenue. 

As Australia’s income tax revenue base declines, it is no surprise the government is turning to indirect taxes to save the day. More than ever, talks of GST reform are high on the cards. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull might have pushed back on a GST hike for now, but who knows what the future will bring. Join us at the 2016 National GST Intensive to explore this deceptively simple tax with not-so-simple problems…

The introduction of GST in July 2000 is arguably one of the most significant tax reforms that Australia has seen. Based on the European Union’s VAT system, the broad-based consumption tax not only removed state reliance on grants from the government, it also broadened the tax base of Australia whilst collecting billions of dollars for…

Life Insurance, Estate and Succession Planning – Feast or famine for the tax man

Jeffrey Scott is the Senior Manager, Product Development, Life Insurance at BT Financial Group. With 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry, he is a regular media commentator on the topics of taxation, insurance, superannuation and finance. He also created the first terminal illness benefit for life insurance products in Australia, helped develop lump sum income protection benefits and introduced full replacement (100%) cover for loss of income. He is currently completing his PhD in Taxation and Business Law at UNSW.

We spoke to Jeffrey about the upcoming 13th Annual Estate & Business Succession Planning day, and his session ‘Life Insurance, Estate and Succession Planning – Feast or famine for the tax man’.

Affiliated with The Tax Institute since 2006, Jeffrey told us the Annual Estate & Business Succession Planning day “is an opportunity to learn from the best taxation practitioners in Australia in the areas of estate planning and business succession planning.…

Super-sized issues: 2016 National Superannuation Conference

It has been a supercharged year for superannuation. And we’re only just past the halfway mark. Post-Budget, post-election and a post-mortem of Turnbull's lifetime $500,000 limit on post-tax super contributions later; superannuation is still the talk of town. Join us at The Tax Institute’s 2016 National Superannuation Conference in August to hear about all the changes. By that stage, our (super) slim majority government might have even begun to guide us through reform… 

Superannuation has been a bit of a regular on the political red carpet recently. Stepping out in its $2 trillion outfit, it has been labelled by many as the culprit of the Turnbull government’s election misfortune. Superannuation changes announced on Budget night – in particular, the lifetime $500,000 limit on post-tax super contributions – have managed to rock the confidence of Australians and cause a civil war within the Coalition.

Just over a week out from the election, it seems the government is still hung up on s…

Trusts and Trust Losses – Everything You Need to Know – The 2016 Queensland Tax Forum

Damian O'Connor, CTA, is the Managing Principal of the specialist taxation firm Tax + Law. Here he tells us a little more about himself, and the session he is co-presenting with Paul Banister, CTA at the 2016 Queensland Tax Forum; 'Trusts and Trust Losses – Everything You Need to Know'.
“I started work with the ATO in 1974 and moved into private legal practice in 1998. Along the way I have had exposure to just about every tax issue there is. The challenge of getting my head around complex tax rules and providing practical advice to clients still gets me out of bed in the morning”, Damian told us.
Asked what attendees can expect to learn from his session with Paul, he said "Often the tax consequences arising from discretionary trust dealings can depend on trust law considerations. This session will explore some of those trust law issues, with a focus on some major cases over the last 10 years".
Common SME structures, too often trusts are used incorrectly or are assum…

Change is the only constant - The 2016 Queensland Tax Forum

The theme of this year’s Queensland Tax Forum reflects the fact that the economies, here in Queensland, Australia-wide and globally are in transition. While actual “tax reform” seems a long way off, we find ourselves in interesting times while the way our clients, be they SMEs or Corporate, do business is changing.

Here we speak to four presenters from 2016’s Forum on what to expect from their sessions, on career and team management, M&A transactions and interacting with the ATO, tax transparency, and state taxes.

Your career – Maximising potential in a changing environment
Stuart Cameron, CTA, has been with Suncorp since 1998, and affiliated with The Tax Institute since 1993. Stuart will take part in a panel discussion, facilitated by Praty Patel, CTA, and featuring Andrew Lowe, CTA (Aurizon Holdings), Janet McLeod (The WRAP Group), and Linda Tapiolas, CTA (Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers). The panel will discuss the need for businesses and tax professionals to adapt to survive, and how …

Alternate Dispute Resolution and Transfer Pricing - 49th Western Australian Convention

We spoke to Dr Niv Tadmore, CTA, a Tax Partner at Clayton Utz, who joins Andrew Orme of the Australian Taxation Office, about the session ‘Alternate Dispute Resolution and Transfer Pricing’, at the 49th Western Australian Convention in August.

Niv’s main areas of practice are in the public groups and international space, in particular large-scale projects, energy and resources, transfer pricing, alternative dispute resolution and ATO engagement.

In their session Niv and Andrew will look at the practical issues that arise when resolving transfer pricing disputes in the context of large-scale and complex transactions.

He pointed out “Some of the current issues facing practitioners include the funding and financing in transfer pricing arrangements. From the more ‘vanilla’ debt arrangements to the more complex finance and currency derivatives present new challenges in transfer pricing.”

Looking at how transfer pricing disputes interact with the Independent Review Function, Niv and Andrew’s …