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The rise of a tax star

In 2014, The Tax Institute’s Tax Adviser of the Year Awards recognised Matthew Andruchowycz as the Emerging Tax Star for that year.

At the time, Matthew was a Senior Associate at Wallmans Lawyers in Adelaide. According to the judges, he demonstrated an ability to work on complex matters at a level significantly beyond the level expected of a tax professional with fewer than five years’ experience.

Fast forward to today and Matthew is already an accomplished senior tax professional. As a Principal at DMAW Lawyers, he works with accountants, financial planners, bankers, business owners and high net worth individuals on a range of intricate taxation and superannuation matters.

He is also a sought-after tax author and speaker, and has been included in both the Australian Financial Review’s “Best Lawyers” list and Doyles Guide to the Australian legal profession as a leading tax lawyer.

Choosing tax as a career
The Tax Institute asked Matthew about the factors that initially led him to pur…

Tax and small business - there's work to be done

by Noel Rowland *

On 10 October in Canberra, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Leaders Summit featured a panel session on small business. It included input from the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, the Hon. Kelly O’Dwyer, MP, and the Shadow Assistant Treasurer, the Hon. Dr Andrew Leigh, MP, who acknowledged that small business represents the engine room of the Australian economy and that the tax system has a significant impact on small business.

So where are we at with reforms to the tax system that support small business?

Two reports help to answer this:

the Australian Government’s Re:think tax discussion paper; andthe Board of Taxation’s Review of tax impediments facing small business.
The government’s discussion paper was issued in March 2015 and influenced the tax measures targeted at small business included in the last federal Budget.

The Board of Taxation’s 2014 review, although preceding the above report, highlighted the fact that a lot of work…

The Tax Institute comments on the ATO's public advice and guidance

The Tax Institute’s Tax Counsel, Stephanie Caredes, recently participated in an ATO panel discussion with three other tax experts. The moderator was Channel 7’s David Koch.

The discussion centred on how the Tax Office is partnering with industry to improve the experience of tax payers and tax professionals through better public advice and guidance.

Alongside Stephanie, the panel included the ATO’s Deputy Chief Tax Counsel, Will Day, the Corporate Tax Association’s Executive Director, Michelle De Niese, and Prolegis Lawyers’ Consultant, John King.

The discussion covered a range of specific issues around the main theme, including measures to improve public advice and guidance services, the provision of public advice and guidance on changing legislation, and the new law companion and practical compliance guidelines.

The panel also answered a number of public advice and guidance questions.

You can see a video of the discussion, produced by Pinstripe Media, on the ATO’s YouTube channel.