3 ways study can future-proof your career

The tax profession is more complex than ever. Here’s why study is the answer.

It’s no secret that tax is a profession that is undergoing immense change and disruption. The constantly evolving state of tax law and administration means that tax practitioners need to keep their skills and knowledge up to date with the changing landscape.

Yes, these are challenging times, but The Tax Institute is ready to equip professionals for change.

When our education program was first developed, it addressed the needs of employers, who said many graduates possessed sound theoretical knowledge, but often lacked the practical skills to hit the ground running.

The Tax Institute’s remit was then to develop education that delivered practical, applied learning.  This was achieved through having industry experts develop and deliver each subject.

To address the reality of tax becoming increasingly specialised, The Tax Institute offers a wider, more comprehensive suite of specialist subjects on topics such as superannuation, corporate tax, trusts, estates and wealth management. These subjects help students to develop the analytical skills to effectively address intricate, even ambiguous, tax challenges.

To prepare members for digital disruption, automation and the ATO’s ‘do it yourself’ model for taxpayers, the internationally-recognised Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation, in particular CTA3 Advisory, will help by elevating the way tax professionals provide client advice. A skill that can’t be automated in the foreseeable future.

We all agree that remaining relevant into the future is key.

Here are three ways the Institute’s study options can do that for you:

1. Study can open doors for the future

Every good tax practitioner knows how valuable their professional network is. Study will expose you to a wide network of tax professionals working across corporates, SMEs and public sector.

The Institute’s education programs help you build important relationships with professional peers and employers which can open doors in the future. Pick up long-lasting, effecting contacts while you’re skilling up.

2. You’ll learn practical skills you can apply at work

The Tax Institute’s study programs are relevant. Forget those theory-heavy lectures you remember from your undergraduate study. When you study with the Institute, you can expect to learn about tax trends and topics that reflect the most up-to-date legislation and regulations.

You will have immediate application of skills for a working tax environment. Our lecturers and course developers work in tax, so you will learn from the best and brightest in the profession.

3. Stand above other advisers

Employers and taxpayers want the confidence in knowing that their tax professional has the right qualifications to manage their affairs. Those carrying the CTA designation have proved themselves to be of the highest calibre and equipped to provide the best tax advice.

he designation will also open doors as a recognised qualification at home and overseas. Education from The Tax Institute can open doors in the future, equip you with practical, work-ready skills, and provide you with a respected qualification.

The Tax Institute’s education program is the clear choice for your tax future.


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